Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a process of accompanying a person on their spiritual journey. There is something that happens when you speak the truth of your life out loud to someone you trust who has been trained to listen carefully and ask good questions. It allows you to hear your own story more clearly and gain a greater sense of peace and direction.

Frequently asked questions:

What can I expect?

Bring all of your questions about the process to your first session and we’ll work through them together. We will then establish some goals and expectations for future sessions.

How often do you meet?

It depends on what you’re looking for! Sessions typically last 45 minutes to 1 hour and, while monthly meetings are most common, some people choose to meet more or less frequently than that.

Where do you meet?

Rachel is available to see people in person or via Zoom. Click here to schedule an appointment.

What does it cost?

$65 per session. For every 10 clients Rachel sees, she makes one space available at no charge. People with greater financial resources can also donate sessions to make them available for low income folks.